World Famous Tattoo Artist Ganga Joins XSET

Tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga, best known by just his last name, has joined the Boston-based gaming and lifestyle organization XSET.

The artist has tattooed top stars and athletes like LeBron James, Drake, Odell Beckham Jr., Post Malone and Lil Uzi Vert and will become the first tattoo artist to join a gaming organization like XSET. As part of the new relationship, XSET plans to build gaming lounges in Ganga’s two studios — one in L.A. and the other in Murica, Spain — as well as seek out partnerships between gaming studios and the tattoo artist.

Timed to the Wednesday announcement of his signing, Ganga has also designed a $90 custom matte black Xbox skin featuring his signature “nomad” and Salvador Dali–inspired designs.

Ganga’s custom Xbox skin. COURTESY OF XSET

“The amazing thing about tattooing and gaming is that both of these cultures have crossed paths and have even intertwined with different communities for many years,” Ganga said in a statement. “XSET is the one esports organization that has truly brought together and cultivated communities of people from art, gaming, music, fashion, and sports. It really is an honor to be officially partnering with a group of people who can appreciate how these communities can harmonize.”

Ganga, who was born and raised in Spain but is now based in L.A., will also bring more international attention to XSET.

“Ganga is the best artist in the world, and he embodies the crossover between the different verticals that XSET represents,” XSET Chief Innovation Officer Lonnie Anthony said. “The world is just beginning to wake up to the genius of Ganga and we look forward to helping him make his mark in the area of gaming.”