XSET Welcomes NBA2K Roster

The NBA 2K league is the highest level of competition in video game basketball. There are 25 franchises, most of which are affiliated with NBA teams, along with a handful that aren’t. They compete in both 5v5 tournaments and 3v3 tournaments.

Last year, in an effort to appeal to a larger audience, they opened up the 3v3 tournament to teams outside of the 25 franchises. This was primarily intended to bring in community and pro-am teams. However, XSET decided to take the opportunity to form its own squad to compete for the 3v3 title.

In March, XSET announced and welcomed its NBA 2K roster for the year, including three players NOELITESHOOTER, Hurt, and Neph, along with coach CoachBigFace. XSET’s 2K team was flown to LA, where they were given access to the Jordan HQ, styled in Jordan brand, and shot by renowned celebrity photographer Cassy Athena.