XSET Announces Tryouts for New Women’s CSGO Team and Exciting Re-Entry Into Fortnite Esports Scene

Today, the world's fastest-growing gaming lifestyle brand, XSET, is excited to announce a new venture into CSGO with plans to assemble an all-female squad through a one month try-out. The brand is also set to expand their content creator portfolio to enter Fortnite next month.

The one-month CSGO tryouts offer an exciting opportunity for aspiring gamers to demonstrate their gaming skills, teamwork, and competitive spirit. With registration open on Thursday, September 14th via X [formerly Twitter], woman-identifying gamers across the U.S. are gearing up to vie for a spot on the prestigious esports team’s roster. To register, gamers must follow the @XSET account and reply to the registration tweet to receive the official registration link via DM, along with exact dates for the tryouts. The brand, which does not identify as a traditional esports organization, with its limited but carefully curated esports teams, remains dedicated to upholding esports as an important component within the broader global gaming lifestyle ecosystem.

“We are excited to venture into a game that has demonstrated unwavering popularity over the past decade, consistently holding its position at the pinnacle of the esports world,” said Jacob Arce, Head of Esports at XSET, while expressing his excitement about the announcement. “As we set our sights on entering the CSGO scene, we aim to bring a fresh approach in continuing to elevate talented female esports athletes.”

In entering the CSGO scene, XSET aims to bring the active involvement and support of their female content creators, including Avori Strib and the XSET Queens, to the new squad. The month-long tryout period promises to be an engaging and inclusive process, incorporating fan participation and a series of elimination rounds. Preliminary inquiries can be directed to esports@XSET.com, and detailed information on how to participate in the tryouts will soon be available on the XSET official website.

"Our upcoming CSGO tryouts reflect XSET’s dedication to nurturing all genres of gaming talent and fostering inclusivity within the gaming community,” said XSET CEO, Greg Selkoe. “While we may be more well know for our gaming lifestyle events, merch drops and celeb talent who game under our banner, we still remain committed to participating in esports.”

In addition to its CSGO venture, XSET is excited to publicly announce their intention to sign Fortnite professionals and content creators. As XSET continues to redefine the gaming lifestyle category, these new ventures into CSGO and Fortnite mark exciting new chapter in the brand’s journey. 

Jacob Arce, who is also a prominent Fortnite caster, passionately shared, "Fortnite holds a special place in my heart; it epitomizes the creativity that sets XSET apart. The game and its creators are incredibly versatile, offering numerous opportunities to infuse creativity into both gameplay and content creation." He teased, "Without revealing too much–get ready for some major announcements."