XSET Welcomes Kris London and CashNasty

On Wednesday, July 26, XSET, announced the signing of its two newest talent additions, Kris London and CashNasty. The partnership kicked off with an exciting collaboration, featuring exclusive content and merchandise drops for each new talent.

Kris London, aka Kristopher Obaseki, is one of YouTube’s most recognizable faces in the sports and gaming community. Heralding a passion for basketball and gaming, Kris has amassed over 3.5MM subscribers across his channels. Fellow YouTuber and Twitch sensation, CashNasty, aka Cassius Jeremy Clay, best known for uploading challenge and basketball-related videos, started his career on YouTube in 2013. He has since garnered the attention of over 4.4MM subscribers on YouTube and over 900 thousand followers on Twitch. The two will join XSET’s team of 44 musicians, pro athletes, content creators, gamers and other celebrities to engage, entertain and connect with new and present community members and fans. 

Adding to the excitement of the announcement, XSET is launching exclusive merchandise capsules with Kris London and CashNasty. Kris’ personally designed capsule, titled “Range,” features an intentionally designed assortment, including a jersey, hoodie, and ‘Got Range?’ t-shirt. The CashNasty inspired “Essentials” capsule features the XSET Nasty tank, XSET logo socks and Sin City swim shorts. Both the “Range” and “Essentials” capsules are available for purchase exclusively on the shop section of the XSET website, at www.xset.com

This new partnership with XSET further amplifies their passion for content creation and gaming. Kris and CashNasty will each be featured in their own respective content series which will provide a fresh and captivating experience for their already dedicated fanbases, adding a new dimension to their popular channels. Kris and CashNasty will also be featured in upcoming XSET brand campaigns and regularly integrated into activations, content, and more.