XSET PARTNERS WITH NBA2K Scanning our talent into the game

XSET partners with NBA 2K scanning our talent into this years NBA2K23. 2K has become an influence and integral part of basketball culture. In addition to being inspired by the sport and has come to almost perfectly reflect the current blend of the digital and physical worlds of gaming in 2022. 2K is popular among enthusiasts and gamers in general, as well as the players who are featured in the game themselves. NBA 2K‘s wide appeal and mainstream acceptance can be contributed to its fitting emulation of basketball culture in the game beyond basketball, like having in-game sneaker releases and soundtracks curated by artists like Travis Scott and Pharrell

NBA 2K22 set the bar extremely high for cultural mashups in the world of gaming, where everybody wants to live in each other’s worlds and now that it’s actually possible, it’s even more impressive that NBA 2K23 was able to top it. NBA 2K is a highly realistic video game that reflects not just the sport, but also the detailed personality and styles of each of the players, too. From their unique playing styles to what they wear on the road, developers have closely examined what players act like on and off the court. LeBron even said in an interview with ESPN that he knew how certain matchups on the court would play out in real life because he tested them in NBA 2K

2K blends real world fashion into the experience even further too, as players can deck their characters out in new releases from brands like Nike and Just Don, even if the releases seem impossible to get in real life. The game’s integration of sports, music and fashion is nearly seamless, bridging the gap between the virtual world and reality with real world in-game apparel and sneaker drops. This includes XSET’s very own pro bmx rider, Nigel Sylvester and world famous tattoo artist, Ganga Tattoo. From a product of basketball culture, to an integral part of it, NBA 2K23 easily builds its best version of the strong NBA 2K franchise yet.