Some viewers of the new Netflix competition The Mole have been surprised to see a familiar face in the competition: XSET gamer Avori Strib.

A reboot of the original, The Mole is a high-stakes competition that brings together 12 players, all working together to complete challenges and add money to their prize pot. Within the group, one person is secretly playing as “the Mole” and working to sabotage the group’s prize-winning endeavors. Players try to determine who the Mole is throughout the game, and they are eliminated based on their accuracy until one is left standing. 

The players will start out with a $1,000 stipend, which will help them as they participate in various challenges. Throughout the series, they can earn more money via The Challenge gameplay and eliminations, or they can lose it to other players as the action unfolds. The players can earn money by winning a daily challenge, or by defeating their elimination opponents. This differs from the original series, as none of the cast members on the MTV show start out with money. They just compete to earn the grand prize at the end.

Like many other competition-reality stars, Avori does a lot more than meets the eye. Fans were excited to recognize Avori on Netflix’s The Mole, which emulates other competitions like The Challenge. A former pageant-queen-turned-Twitch-streamer who is currently signed with XSET, Avori has been building her following for several years. She has amassed over 500,000 followers in that time, many of which regularly tune in to her daily streams. Working as a double-agent may not be unfamiliar to Avori, who is consistently promoting multiple projects and using her platform to create new connections.